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  • Stainless Steel Tile Movement Joint FCT SS
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Aluminum / Stainless Steel Tile Control Joint FCT

It can be used in all adhesive, fixed hard flooring (porcelain tile,ceramic tile,marble,stone) applications and to be installed in conjuction with an appropriate tile adhesive
Applications:Vertical and horizontal applications, floors and cladding;
Interior and exterior surfaces;
Retail, factories, schools and commercial applications where large areas of tile, stone,marble or wood are common installations
Contact us for larger sizes for custom applications.
NOTE:Minimum and maximum openings represent movement criteria only
ModelExposed SurfaceTotal WidthMovement CapacityHeight
FCT-07129/9.4/10/1147 ±1.512
FCT-06158/8.4/9/1046 ±1.515
FCT-06188/8.4/9/1042 ±1.518
FCT-06208/8.4/9/1046 ±1.520
FCT-06258/8.4/9/1046 ±1.525
FCT-06308/8.4/9/1046 ±1.530
FCT-06358/8.4/9/1046 ±1.535
FCT-06408/8.4/9/1046 ±1.540
FCT-06458/8.4/9/1046 ±1.545
FCT-06508/8.4/9/1046 ±1.550
Stainless Steel Tile Movement Joint FCT Drawing
Stainless Steel Tile Movement Joint FCM Drawing