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Armour Joint System AJL For Floor Concrete

Armour Joint System AJL is a leave-in-place formwork, load transfer and edge protection joint system suitable for external concrete pavements and yards. The joint system comprises two back-to-back galvanised steel divider plates, load transfer plate dowels and sleeves and an optional miothene foam between the divider plates to accommodate slab thermal expansion. The joint is designed such that once cast in-situ, as the two slab panels either side of the joint begin to cure and shrink, the joint separates such that one slab panel has the sleeve and divider plate and the other has the divider plate and dowel. The dowel bridges across the joint and is embedded in both slab panels.
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  • Component Material
    Divider Plate Galvanized Steel
    (stainless steel is available)
    Frangible Fastener Nylon
    Expansion Foam
    Load Transfer
    Dowel Plate
    146×150×(6mm/10mm) - Steel
    Sleeve 8mm & 12mm - ABS
  • Description Dimension & Tolerance
    Product Length 3,000mm(+/- 2.0mm)
    Product Height 90mm/115mm/135mm/160mm/185mm/215mm/230mm/245mm
    Straightness +/- 0.5mm in 600mm
    General Dimensional
    Dimensions < 12mm +/- 0.5mm
    Dimensions < 12mm +/- 2.0mm